Tips To Maintain Water Heater

If you don’t want to replace your water heater sooner than expected due to some major problem, it is important you learn to maintain it. Like any other heater, electric water heater is expensive and changing them could cause a severe dent in your monthly budget. However, if you perform certain routine task you can ensure your machine works without any problem. Regular maintenance of heater will help you get hot water and keep your it problem-free.

If you want to maintain your heater, it is important that you understand the possible problems in the machine. Understanding these problems will help you fix these problems and avoid future problems in your machine.

If you find that dirty water is coming out of the hot water tap and if the water heater is taking time to reheat water, there is a possibility that your heater has a layer of dirt in the bottom. Dirt in the heater can not only harm humans but also destroy the machine. Therefore it is important that you drain the dirt that has accumulated in the bottom of the heater regularly. navigate to this website

To drain the dirt that has accumulated in the bottom of the heater, you must switch off the power supply to your heater. Once you have switched off the power supply, turn off the inlet valve. Inlet valve is usually located on the left side on the top of the heater. Now empty the hot water in the heater by turning on the hot water outlet valve. Attach a hose to the outlet valve of the heater and place the other end of the hose near the floor drain. Keep the valve open until there is no water in the heater. Draining water from the heater is a time-consuming process and it can take a few hours for the draining process to complete. Once the heater is completely drained close the outlet valve and open the water inlet valve and allow the cold water to enter the heater. Once the heater is filled with water, close the inlet valve and open the outlet value. Repeat the process until you are sure that your heater is completely clean and free from dirt.

At times, people can hear mysterious sound coming from their pipes. Usually, when you hear noise coming out your pipes, it means that water temperature in your heater is set too high. The steam generated by the heater makes the pipe noisy. To deal with this problem, you turn down the water temperature of your heater. Turning down the temperature will help in reducing your electric bills and reduce the possibility of scalding.