Tips to Installing Door Handles and Pulls

Adding hardware to your kitchen is an easy way to add upgraded look to the comfort of your kitchen. It doesn’t take much to give a makeover feel to your kitchen. Door handles and pulls give a newly refurbished look to your home without stripping the entire place down to the base. Installation is easy and simple enough to do yourself, yet it gives you a fresh satisfaction and can improve your home greatly. Consider these tips for installing pulls and handles on doors.Checkout Door Handles¬†for more info.

Do the Math List all cabinet doors and cabinets that need pulls. Decide whether you want the same pulls as the drawers on the cupboards, or choose the range of door handles instead. Write down the number you’ll need for every part.

Go Shopping Pick from a home improvement, department or hardware store the door handles or pulls from. You’ll need to specifically order them for some pulls or door handles. Don’t go with those you see first. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so sift through a full selection to find the one that best fits your home decor. Depending on your design needs, various rooms within the house will take different types.

Mark the spot Decide where the pulls or handles will go on the door. Blue tape or masking tape for painters can mark the area without permanent damage. If you have multiple-screw handles, calculate for accuracy the gap between the screws. Use a level to ensure the holes are in line with each other.

Drill a 3/16 inch hole on the door at Away Drill. To verify the fit place the screw in, and adjust the hole accordingly. Drill holes at every door. Remove the tape, then remove it.

Insert Screws Insert the screw into the hole first. Twist the knob first, by hand, into the pull or door handle, and then tighten with a screw driver. Test the safety knob. Put the remaining pulls or door handles in place.

Add Washers if needed If the handle or pull doesn’t match securely, add washers if needed. When inserting washers isn’t enough, using shorter screws. To buy screws with the right diameter, take the pull with you to the shop.