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Senior citizens frequently require specialized health care. Seniors may need the specialized services offered at a nursing home rehabilitation center when they undergo surgery, have suffered an injury or show signs of losing their memories. Seniors will restore their autonomy at this clinic, strengthen their memory and resolve health challenges.The staff at a nursing home rehabilitation center provides care for a patient according to that particular individual’s needs. A person who has had knee or hip surgery may need physical therapy to strengthen his / her equilibrium and power within that part of the body. Physical therapy also entails weight-training, pacing around an indoor track, or rotating the injured body part in rhythmic exercise routines. Most patients work directly with a therapist as their strength and resistance to the exercises builds up.On the other side, the occupational therapy may help a patient who is suffering from memory loss. A therapist uses flash cards, puzzles, and games to help that person recall basic skills, such as putting together puzzle pieces or pronouncing words. Such treatment is most commonly used for patients suffering from strokes or dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.Visit rehab services.

Staff at a rehabilitation center for nursing homes also assist people who suffer from physical conditions that interfere with the basic daily activities. Dysphagia, for example, tends to be a common condition among elderly people; this makes it difficult for seniors to swallow food, water and medication. People with that affliction feel ashamed or unable to swallow these substances. At worst, sufferers lose weight, choke on their food or medication, or develop pneumonia through the aspiration of substances into their lungs. Therapists assist these people by teaching strategies which encourage swallowing. They may also position patients differently for eating and drinking in their beds or at their tables. If everything else fails, clinicians may explore treatments that include intravenous hydration or feeding tubes.