Pick Right Camping Chair

You can’t just sit on a stump after a long, tiring day. Neither can you can bring the couch to camp. What you need is a light, portable camping chair to properly rest your tired body. You can’t bring with you just any chair. It might be more of a bother than help. So before you lose all your temper and finally put off camping for good, here are some of the factors you have to consider in your pursuit of the right chair for camp:

o Consider the location first before you choose the right one for your camping trip. If you are spending a night out in the beach, then you might like to bring with you a foldable chair or one that can be turned into a sun bench. Surely it will be of great use as you get that most precious tan. Of course, it’s another story when you plan to camp out in the woods.newswatchers.net/things-must-check-buying-camping-chair/

o Look for that design that fits your needs. Not all campers want a foldable chair. Some of them might prefer to have the little stand-alone chair that won’t budge under 200 lbs weight. Some would settle for a true-blue stool. The catch here is, choose your style.

o Consider the materials it is made of. First know the climate at your camp site. You must remember that your chair should be water resistant and fire and rust resistant as well. But if you’re putting up camp in a snowy bank, there’s no way you can bring that metal stool along. A folding chair made of cloth is not that helpful as well.

o Don’t forget about the significant features of your great camp chair. Make sure that you’re not getting a good chair for one time use. It surely has a great role to play at home, given that it has the right legs and wide base to hold up under heavy weight. It can even be a great substitute for your too slouchy Lazy Boy.

o And lastly, get to know the weight of the chair. Unless you have someone to carry your chair for you, do yourself a favor. Bring a lightweight camping chair. Carrying a metal stool to camp is much like bringing along your wife’s entire make-up collection to the beach.