Miami Limo – Different Types Of Limos

Whatever your desires, you’ll find different suppliers of limo services that will fulfill them. Most limo service providers are fitted with various cars to suit different occasions. In this post, together with its specifications, we will address the most widely used limo models. Look on.

Hummer limousine

Some limo services are provided with a Hummer limousine. This sort of limo is the best one to use if you have a large group of friends heading out. A standard Hummer limo is capable of seating up to 24 passengers. This limo is dubbed a head turner. The interior features the best perks you can see inside a limousine. It has controllers with fibre optics, audio, windows, and video game. Some even feature karaoke devices, lava lamps, flat-screen televisions and booting chrome wheels. Hummer limousines aren’t regular limousines, so make sure your hired limo driver has experience handling such a vehicle. Checkout Miami Limo for more info.

Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln is a renowned limousine company which boasts class and uniqueness. Limos built by Lincoln are remarkably different from others because they have a certain touch in elegance and comfort that can’t be found in other cars. To formal occasions such as marriages, dinner parties, graduations, and conventions, Lincoln limos are often used. Like the Hummer series, a Lincoln automobile also offers modern amenities such as a hands-free intercom, halo lighting, full sized rear windows and AM / FM radio.

Other features include controls overhead, floor lights, and overlay carpet control center controls. You can use the Lincoln Navigator if you plan to use a larger vehicle. This limo has seating capacity of up to 16 passengers. It has chrome spokes, champagne warmer, rear roof escape, and a powerful V8 engine. If you feel this type is the best for you, you can ask any limo service provider about the Lincoln limo.

Party Bus

This is the perfect vehicle for you if you’re a registered party animal and want to party on the go. Limo service providers also sell party buses equipped with dance poles and music center on board. Limo buses have plenty of space for you to dance and party and most of them also have a waiting area on board. A typical Party bus can hold up to 40 participants.

These are just some limos you might inquire the limo service providers for. Do not hesitate to inquire about the specs of these vehicles with the service provider and feel free to choose the one that best suits your needs.