KCS Heating – Know About Types of Home Heating Systems

To help you out properly, here are some of the more common heating systems that are available today:
Forced Air- The forced air system is by far the most usual type of heating system in use today for both homes and buildings. As the name suggests the system works with heated air being forced to run through a distribution system that runs around the house. news

The air that is forced through this system is heated in a centralized furnace that uses some form of fuel. The heating can be done by natural gas, electricity and other fuel types. This form has many advantage to it over the other types.
Radiant Heat- This is another common form of heating, but this type is mostly found in homes only. The idea is to transfer the heat directly from a heated material to the cold surface. There are several ways that this effect can be achieved.
The most ordinary type of radiant heating is in the use of hot water tubes which cab embedded beneath the floors of a room. The water is heated by the use of boilers and the water is distributed through a system of pipes.
Hydronic Heating- This is a lot similar to a radiant heat heating system. It also uses water heated by a boiler system which is then distributed around the house. Instead of the heat transferred from the floors however, the heat in this system is transferred from wall units.
There are many advantages of this heating system. One of those is the fact that it is very quiet,. Another major advantage is the fact that it can be precision controlled when it comes to the temperature.

Steam Radiators- This type of heating system was used a lot in the past, but is a lot less common now. It uses radiators where steam passes through in order to distribute heat. It also uses a boiler system in order for the water to be heated to become steam.
The problem with this system is that the radiators are not really a great to look at. Their presence in a room also limits the way that furniture can be placed around a room. These are the reasons why they are no longer as common now.
Boilers- Though not a particular type of heat distribution system, boilers are the most common way of generating heat that they deserved to be mentioned. Boilers use different fuels and they range from the old systems to new and high tech ones.