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As an employee of a company, you tend to look at your work place as your second home. However if things can go wrong on the home front there is every likelihood that they might go wrong at your work place as well. Especially in the current climate where many companies world over are making cutbacks and thousands of employees are facing the sack, you need to be aware of your rights. Only then will you be able to stand your ground and get what’s due to you. Employment Law Solicitors help you in that regard and make sure you are not at the receiving end of a bad deal.Henn Haworth Cummings + Page

But to know your rights you have to be aware of employment laws, something that you are not expected to. Employment Solicitors on the other hand are experienced professionals who know the inside outs of the system and will defend your rights with their expertise.

There are many scenarios you can use services of Employment Law Solicitors and it’s heartening to know that they work on No Win, No Fee policy. It only means they will be doing their job at the best of their abilities to make sure your case reaches its successful conclusion.

You can hire them in any of the following scenarios:

If you have been made redundant because of spending cuts your company has planned.

Unfair or wrongful dismissal by your employers.

Constructive dismissal where your employer makes it practically impossible to work for him.

Maternity, paternity or any other parental issues that might be a bone of contention with your employer.

Compromise agreements that might be too complicated for you to fathom.

Employment Law Solicitors bring their invaluable experience to your case. They have worked on hundreds of cases like yours both for employees and employers and thus know how the cookie crumbles. Their expertise goes a long way in strengthening your case.