Details About Bakery Shops

With the rise in popularity of the Gluten-free diet and a widening availability of recipes and substitute ingredients, bakery stores are now offering a vast range of Gluten-free delicacies to their customers.informative post
There are many reasons for living a Gluten-free lifestyle, but to explain any of them, there has to be a base understanding of what Gluten is. Quite simply it is a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley. It comes from the Latin word of the same spelling which means glue.

The “glue” of Gluten refers to the elasticity it gives to dough and the chewy texture it can produce in the foods in which it is contained. It also helps bread, pastries, and other foods rise and hold their shape.

It can also be added to food to give it more protein, thicken the texture, and enhance flavor. As you can expect, anything baked with flour is high in Gluten, like bread or cereal. But it is also commonly found in soups and sauces as a thickening agent. Processed foods are also full of Gluten.

Since large quantities of food have Gluten, a Gluten-free lifestyle was bland and boring. But bakeries and pastry shops are at the forefront of a sweeping trend to keep gluten-free from being taste-free.

The main reason why a person would have to lead a Gluten-free lifestyle is celiac disease. This disease is caused by an adverse reaction to partially digested gluten. Stomach problems, fatigue, migraines, and weight loss are all common symptoms.

There is no cure and there are no medications to counteract the negative reaction the body has to the gluten. The only way to treat the disease is to cut gluten out of the diet. By removing gluten from the diet, the digestive system has time to heal and the symptoms will subside.

Adhering to this diet can be quite difficult, especially considering the presence that gluten has in food. But the increase in this diagnosis plus the additional health benefits for living gluten-free for a person without the disease has increased the number of no-gluten substitutes and can be found at local grocery stores.

But that still leaves the problem of going out to eat and ordering food from bakeries, restaurants, and pizzerias. Food shop owners want everyone to be able to taste what they best offer, so they offer Gluten-free alternatives to all of their sweet treats.