Ball Bearings – Cleaning Method for Motor Bearing

As far as we know, the motor usually should be cleaned and fueled after 2000 hours’ operation. If the user overlooks this problem, the operation of the motor may be influenced greatly and even the motor will be destroyed. Now more and more people have realized its importance. Therefore, it is very necessary to know how to wash the motor, especially for the motor bearing. Here the following article will introduce three methods about cleaning the motor bearing.clean ball bearing

What comes first is hot oil cleaning method. Because the motor bearing is used for a long time and has a lot of dirt, it should be soaked in the hot motor oil with 100~200 degrees Celsius;.people can clamp the bearing through the pinchers and brush the greasy dirt on the bearing by the hair brush. Generally speaking, the dirt such as soft dry oil, antirust cream can be melted in the hot oil with 100~200 degrees Celsius. So it is very easy to wash away the dirt in the gap of the motor bearing. Sometimes there is no need to use the brush. After several shaking in the hot oil, the greasy dirt can flow away from the gap. When people adopt the hot oil method, they should remember that the temperature of the oil can not exceed 200 degrees Celsius. If people warm the oil by the naked fire directly, people should be careful and prevent the oil to burn. Meanwhile, it is better to suspend the motor bearing in the oil. Or else, if this bearing sinks to the bottom, its hardness may be reduced.
The next is called common cleaning method. People can soak the motor bearing in the coal oil for five ~10 minutes. One hand holds the inner ring and another hand rotates the outside ring. Slowly the dry oil or the antitrust cream will fall down from the bearing. And then people put this bearing into the relatively clean coal oil and brush it by the soft hair brush. Through this way, the greasy dirt in the roll ball and gap can be removed. Next, put the bearing again in the gas oil. Last, take out of it and put it on the clean paper. As for the self-aligning bearing and short cylindrical roller bearing, please remember to separate the roll ball, inner ring and outside ring when they are washed.