About CIP 006 5

Globally, there are increasing numbers of data breaches and cyber attacks, and cyber criminals are finding new and innovative ways to orchestrate attacks. This has increased the cyber-security risks of all sizes and types of organizations and industries.

The biggest data breaches of the 21st century also pointed out to us that the organizations face heavy costs of breaches not only through financial loss but also through loss of customers, cost of escalation, cost of response after attack, cost of litigation, loss of goodwill, reputation and brand image, etc. While even the big players may not be able to recover quickly from the attacks with all their resources and expertise, smaller firms may even have to shut down operations. There is thus a growing global awareness of the need for sound cyber-security strategies and resilient cyber-security practices to mitigate risks or at least reduce the impact of such violations and attacks. Checkout cip 006 5 for more info.

Growing demand for experts in cybersecurity Increasing awareness of the need for cybersecurity has led to an ever-increasing demand for professionals with a strong theoretical and practical understanding and skills and expertise in the field in increasing numbers of sectors / industries such as IT, government agencies, defense agencies, aerospace agencies, finance, healthcare, MN

The jobs in cybersecurity have seen a consistent increase in remuneration unfulfilled with sufficient supply; existing professionals are paid opulent wages and benefits. It is also predicted that the continuing increase in demand for such professionals will also translate into higher pay packages in the years to come.

To put it briefly, studying cybersecurity and working as a cybersecurity professional can not be a better time. That’s why, globally, several experienced engineers, IT staff, programmers and even freshers enroll in cybersecurity courses.